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Orlando List Wizard is a service of Orlando Web Wizard

This idea was born from small business owners need of email list management services with powerful results. All centrally located with a web site and or a blog.

The following may not be well understood by the new user.
This information is offered as education to help understand the benefits of our services.

We will be happy to speak with current clients who need further help understanding the services we provide.

  1. Orlando List Wizard uses PHPlist open software and SingleHop Public Cloud hosting services.
  2. Each account owner is provided with it’s own unique IP address so that no one suffers the consequences of another account owners email list management mistake.
  3. Each account is set up properly with the correct SPF records. Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
  4. Each account is provided with DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)
  5. Each account DNS is provided with a Sender ID
  6. Each account owners email template is set up with the proper FTC CAN-SPAM rules for ‘Opt-in’ and ‘Opt-out’, your organization identity and a preferences link that provides the Fair Information Practice Principles.

Orlando List Wizard web site educates each account owner concerning the need for “Privacy Policy”, FTC CAN-SPAM Rules and email list maintenance for list success.

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